You’d think companies like Dell, HP, Comcast, Verzion, and other big tech giants would send you to one of their certified technicians when you call them for help.  This isn’t always the case, unfortunately.  These companies are not known for they’re technical support.  What I mean is, they contract out to other companies that aren’t certified or professional in most cases.

Here’s The Bad News

We get countless reports from our customers that these corporations are sending them to foreign contractors.  Many of these contractors do not speak English very well and have really high prices.  If you’re an average computer user then you could be getting scammed, or at best, price gouged for minor PC support.  It’s best not to buy into these redirects and find a professional who is local.  For example, we offer online technical support at a much better rate and offer much better service than these contractors.

Here’s The Really Bad News

If you’re connected with a tech support company from overseas, then odds are they will harass you on a day-to-day basis if you fall for their trap.  They will call you, email you, and insist that you are either infected or need their services again one way or another.  If they have ever connected to your computer then they will even have access to personal files and can invade your privacy.  Depending on how these companies operate, they could steal your email list and harass your friends or even put a logic bomb (timed virus) on your computer to go off at a certain time just so they can get more money out of you.  All of which will leave you with unending headaches and bad days.


Are we trying to discredit the big tech monsters like Dell, HP, and Verizon?  Absolutely not!  But these kind of activities shouldn’t go on.  The more awareness we bring to these situations, the better.  It’s best not to call the actual manufacturer for technical support unless you are filing a return or have a simple question.  Otherwise, you could be handing your information to one of these ridiculous foreign scammers.

Here are some fake virus alerts that some of these companies try to scare you with…