Services for Business Clients

Network Security

Audit your network and patch up common security holes.  Then maintain it with our consultation package.  DMZs, Data Encryption, VPNs, Group Policy, VLANs, WiFi Security, Honey Pots, Roaming Profiles, Updates, Firewalls, Anti-Virus, and much more.

Network Installation

When you move into a new office you’ll most likely need wiring down the road.  We can build professional server environments, Data Back-up, Ethernet Wiring, Install HVAC Systems, Install Switches & Routers, Direct Network Traffic, and much more.

Data / Servers

You need to take serious consideration of how information and files get to where they need to go securely, and reliably.  Servers and Data Protective measures need to be installed to accomplish this task.  We’ll consult and find solutions within your budget.

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