You need…

A strong and effective network to succeed!

Separate your Networks with Subnets

You don’t need to pay for 2 internet lines to separate your public network from your private network.  You can give you customers free WiFi and still keep a separate and secure network for your employees.  This is done by using subnets.

VOIP Phone Systems

You can program and add a lot of functionality by installing a VOIP system.  These are the kind of advanced systems that businesses like Verzion use to record their calls and play music for clients when they are on hold.  These are just a few examples of what’s possible with VOIP.

Build a Strong WiFi Signal

We can set up Wireless Access Points in parts of your building to provide strong, reliable WiFi throughout the office.  This is a must have if you use mobile devices and don’t want to use up all your cellular data.  It’s also more secure to stay on a protected network as you can log the traffic and stay behind a firewall.

HVAC Systems

Servers can fail for many reasons but the real invisible killer to hardware is heat and moister.  Don’t expect to build a big lasting server room inside a closet somewhere with proper ventilation and cooling.  You can even install meters to monitor the heat and warn you if hardware damage is about to occur.

Professional Wiring

Ethernet wiring is one of our biggest services.  Wires need to be labeled and tied before plugged into a huge network hub/switch.  If you leave these unorganized and tangled then any maintenance or repairs in the future can turn into a real mess.  You do not want this.  This is precisely why we focus on keeping your network environment tidy and clean so any technician can work on it without a sweat.

Speed Up your Connection

We can test your bandwidth and find any problems with your internet connection.  It’s important to know if any devices or equipment are using up more than they should.  If you don’t monitor and throttle certain tasks then you can end up with a crisis one day and lose value time and money.