How does this service work?

Call us directly

Call one of our stores and talk right to a professional technician.  That’s right, no robot calls or redirects.  Tell us exactly what kind of problem you are having and if it’s something we believe can fix over the internet then we will give you further instructions on how to connect.

Connect to a Tech

We use a service called LogMeIn123 to create a secure connection to your computer.  Upon connecting, we’ll have access to your mouse pointer and keyboard, almost as if we were right there next to you.  From here we can diagnose and repair any problems that are holding your computer from working properly.

Pay with Card

If the repairs are successful, then we can move on by paying with a credit card.  We can accept the payment over the phone for extra convenience.  This method doesn’t even require you to unhook your computer or leave your home.  We even guarantee our work so that you can rest assured that your problem is fix.  Best of all, we’re located right here in the good old USA!

Call Us Now!

(570) 824-4774