PlayStation 3 / 4

PlayStations have components that are replaceable just like phones, PCs, tables, laptops, etc.  We can order new parts to replace any damaged drives in the PlayStation console system.

Xbox 360 / One

Xbox 360 or the Xbox One have components that are replaceable.  The hard drive, disk drive, and even the fans.  The red ring of death is normally caused by an overheating issue, even though that problem is a thing of the past, if you feel you want to repair it, stop in with your system for a checkup.

Getting a console repaired can be well worth the cost. The newer consoles are run up to hundreds of dollars and some repairs can be done in as little a $75. Some of the parts can be a little more expensive, like hard drives or disk drives, but it can still be worth it. We will tell you how much it will cost and whether or not you want to go through with repairs.

Example of Console Repair…

Get the job done right.

PC Doctors Inc. is not out the get you.  We take pride in our reputation and work and would never want our clients to leave with any regrets.  Our prices are affordable and our guarantee will cover any problems that could reasonably be due to our mistake or a malfunctioning part with may have ordered for the repair.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call use first, (570) 824-4774

Our Services in a Nut Shell

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  • Recover Lost and Deleted Files

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