All-In-One Repairs

All-In-One computers are computers that harbor the display screen with the parts needed for a computer to function.  PC Doctors can disassemble and repair the components of these types of machines no matter what brand.  PC or Mac!

Desktop Computers

The majority of our repairs involve a desktop PC, also known as ‘towers.’  All of the components in these computers are normally easily accessible and these repairs have the greatest success rate.  Please do not bring any cables or screens with your tower when you bring it into our store for repairs.

Virus Removal

Restore your Computer

This repair is the most popular repair at our stores.  Viruses are easily preventable but not everyone knows how to prevent them and ends up getting infected.  We can remove 99% of viruses and spyware.  If you have an infection that we can’t repair without harming the PC itself, we will call you before taking further action.

Stay Protected

Staying protected takes regular maintenance and a little knowledge on how viruses work.  Upon picking up your PC, we will teach you the most effective ways to stay protected.  We also give you FREE cleaning software that you can use to maintain your PC so that you can keep your PC running quick.

Get the job done right.

Our professionals can come to your house, connect to your computer over the internet, or you could bring your computer into one of our 3 shops.

Our computer repair technicians work in a variety of settings, encompassing both the public and private sectors.  We specialize in fields such as data recovery, virus removal, and hardware diagnostics for both Windows and Apple.  We also provide additional services such as, password recovery, data back-up, E-mail & internet issues, gaming configuration, graphics upgrade,  memory upgrade, operating system installations, and software installations.  And, we always provide honest advice, free of charge.

Our Services in a Nut Shell

  • Blue Screens and System Crashes

  • Windows System Errors

  • Recover Lost and Deleted Files

  • Password Recovery

  • Home Wireless Networks

  • Problems with Email

  • Internet Connections and Problems

  • Backup Solutions

  • Fix General Problems

  • Printer or Scanner Problems

  • Home Wireless Networks

  • Virus Removal

  • Spyware Removal

  • Desktop PC Repairs

  • Laptop PC Repairs

  • Wireless Networking

  • Computer Upgrades

  • New computer setups